McLaren Black Telescopic Umbrella
McLaren Black Telescopic Umbrella
McLaren Black Telescopic Umbrella
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    McLaren Black Telescopic Umbrella

    • Material: Nylon
    • Color: Black
    • Model: McLaren Telescopic Umbrella
    • F1 Team McLaren officially licensed
    • Durable

    McLaren Telescopic Umbrella – a fusion of style and functionality that reflects the essence of the McLaren brand. Crafted from durable nylon, this umbrella boasts a sleek design enhanced with the iconic McLaren logo elegantly printed across its canopy.

    Designed for convenience, the umbrella features a telescopic handle that allows for easy extension and retraction. Whether you're facing unexpected downpours or seeking shade from the sun, this umbrella adapts to your needs with a simple slide.

    The addition of a wrist loop offers practicality on the go, ensuring you can keep the umbrella within easy reach without having to hold onto it constantly. Slip it over your wrist and enjoy hands-free mobility, ready to deploy the umbrella whenever the weather takes a turn.